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2019 Toyota Tacoma Performance | Stevenson-Hendrick Toyota Jacksonville

Manufactured since 1995, the Tacoma is a pickup truck by Toyota. Sold in different parts of the world, the Tacoma is one of the most loved midsize trucks on the road today. A powerful engine, superior towing capabilities, and an advanced suite of safety features are some reasons why the Tacoma is the first choice of several drivers around the world. The 2019 Toyota Tacoma has hit showrooms in Jacksonville and other parts of the country. We, in this post, take a look at some of the performance features of the car. 1. Engine The 2019 Tacoma features a 3.5-liter V6 direct injection engine. Thanks to the available Atkinson cycle, the engine is capable of producing enough power to bring your craziest dreams to life, without compromising on fuel efficiency. 2. Towing capacity With the 2019 Tacoma by your side, you will never again have to think twice before tossing in your adventure gear. No matter whether you want to bring your dirt bike or side by sides on your next trip, the Tacoma got you covered. Equipped with Toyota’s Tow Package, the 2019 Tacoma is at home towing up to 6,800 pounds or carry a payload of up to 1,440 pounds. 3. Trailer Sway Control When you are driving a pickup with a trailer attached to it, you cannot afford to lose control over the vehicle. To avoid safety issues, you can tweak your driving habits; however, you don’t have control over the forces of nature that can impact your balance.

Cases of drivers losing control over their pickups due to wind gusts or wet weather aren’t unheard of. Trailer sway is a recipe for disaster and can give rise to major safety issues. To help address this problem, the 2019 Tacoma features Trailer-Sway Control, which along with the available Tow Package applies brake pressure at individual wheels when the system senses the trailer sway.

The feature also helps manage engine torque, ensuring that you are in full control, whatever be the driving condition. In addition to these features, the 2019 Tacoma includes Crawl Control, Electronically Locking Differential, Hill Start Assist Control, and multi-Terrain Select that boost its off-roading capabilities. Test drive the 2019 Toyota Tacoma in Jacksonville today itself.

Source: Toyota