Connecting Your Toyota to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple CarPlay Android Auto

Today, cars have begun integrating various day-to-day functional features that make our lives easier. In the same regard, why should entertainment be left behind? Toyota brings you the best integration of entertainment and function with the compatibility options provided by both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

Stay connected on the road at all times with the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay options available in your Toyota car. Access music, calls, navigation, text messages, traffic updates, and more with the help of these apps. 

About Apple CarPlay
Apple is undoubtedly one of the top brands with regards to technology and has also made its presence known in the automobile industry.  has collaborated with Apple to bring to its users Apple CarPlay, an all-in-one system that is meant to make your drive all the more enjoyable. The system allows you to connect your iPhone to the car’s built-in display to access music, navigation, calls, and much more. 

The system now features voice navigation, which helps you keep your head up while driving, ensuring the utmost safety. You can now send and receive text messages with Siri Voice Control, which will read them out for you. You can use your Toyota car’s USB or Bluetooth option to connect your iPhone and access Apple CarPlay.

About Android Auto

Android Auto is an innovation that extends several features designed to make your car drive more enjoyable and efficient. You can remain safe on the road at all times with your Android Auto by enabling the Google Assistant. You can use the simple ‘OK, Google.’ Command to activate any feature available on the system. 

The technology can also monitor road conditions and warn you about upcoming road hazards in your direction. You can also play the music of your choice with Android Auto from apps like Google Play Music and Spotify. 

Other capabilities like navigation, text messages and calls are also enabled easily with the voice command. You can connect your Toyota car’s Bluetooth or USB cable to your android phone to easily access Android Auto and enjoy all of its features.

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Source: Toyota