10 Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Is On

The Check Engine Light is an essential component that indicates when your car is in critical condition. There are multiple reasons for the warning light to be switched on, ranging from simple fixes like a loose gas cap to severe damage to the physical components of your engine. 

"Why is My Check Engine Light On?"

Here are our top 10 reasons  why the warning lights of your engine are on:

1. A loose gas cap.

2. A faulty oxygen sensor

3. Problems in the spark plug.
If your car has a faulty spark plug, it means that all cylinders in your vehicle are not working and unnecessary fuel is being wasted.

4. Problems with your ignition coil; which there cannot be any spark to start the engine.

5. A faulty catalytic converter - important to change if anything else in the engine needs repair or the exhaust is backed up with gas or oil.

6. A problematic mass airflow sensor.
A mass airflow sensor measures the amount of air being provided to your engine. If the sensor experiences issues, the airflow could be reduced by 25%, which could cause overheating and a massive buildup of debris.

7. Problems in the battery charging system.
For example, you may need inserting a new battery. If you neglect issues associated with your car battery for too long, your model may end up dead.

8. Problems with the alarm system of your car.
These may occur from the installation of alarm-related components that may not be compatible with your vehicle.

9. The evaporation hoses are leaking; due to which the gaseous fuel is unable to reach its destination.

10. There is a problem with the exhaust gas recirculation valve- this helps push exhaust through the combustion process.

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