Safety Alert: Signs Your Toyota Needs New Brakes

The braking system is the most important safety feature of a car. This could, in addition, be an indicator of foreign objects in the brake fluid. Additionally, the appropriate functioning of such an indispensable component is important not only for yourself but also for people around you. 

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Toyota Brakes Are Malfunctioning 

In this article, we review a few signs that might suggest that your Toyota needs immediate servicing of its brakes.

1. Pulling
If your Toyota starts to pull to one side when you hit the brakes, the brake linings may have started to wear down. This could, in addition, be an indicator of foreign objects in the brake fluid.

2. Unusual Noises
The brakes should be silent when you press down on them. If you hear any abnormal noises coming from them, no matter how small, you should have a service professional looked at it immediately. Unusual sounds while braking indicates that the brake pad has completely worn away and the metal is grinding against the brake rotors.

3. The Pedal Feels Abnormal
Most people understand there should be something wrong with their vehicle when some systems start to feel abnormal. If the brakes of your Toyota seem soft and mushy, it could be an indication of a critical issue with your braking system. 

Be sure to have your vehicle checked by one of Stevenson-Hendrick Toyota Jacksonville's certified Toyota technicians in Jacksonville, NC. Similarly, if the brake pedal vibrates or pulsates, it could mean your brake indicators are warped or worn down.

4. Warning Light
Even if you have ignored all warning signs that your car is undergoing a brake failure, you should take it to a mechanic the moment your Brake Warning Light flashes on. This signal indicates that the brake fluid in your Toyota is running low, usually due to a leak in the brake lines.

Our Toyota Specialists in Jacksonville Are Here to Help! 

The brake system of your car is important not only for all the people seated inside but also for pedestrians as well. If you are looking for convenient, easy servicing of your brakes or emergency repairs near New Bern, Havelock, and Richland. Check out the top Toyota Service Department in Jacksonville, NC. Stevenson-Hendrick Toyota Jacksonville's qualified Toyota experts can definitely make your Toyota work better than before with precise attention to your custom demands. Give us a call by phone 910-973-8103 or schedule your appointment online