What is Toyota Certified?

Toyota Certified

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The decision to purchase a second-hand vehicle is quite tough to make. Although the expenses would be considerably lower, a used car could be damaged or worn out. A certified pre-owned car is one that has been inspected and refurbished to bring it to the best quality. The Toyota certified pre-owned vehicle program assured that you get the best quality at the most affordable prices.

1. Quality Check

It is most advisable to purchase a Toyota certified pre-owned car from an authorized Toyota dealership. These dealerships undertake a 160-point quality assurance examination to validate all the parameters that need to be in check before the vehicle is put up for sale. Each model is checked to ensure none have been in any collisions or exposed to physical damage. 

Additionally, certified vehicles are usually newer models with low-mileage scale. They are required to be lesser than six years old and serviced inside out by factory-trained technicians to meet the high standards set by Toyota.

2. CARFAX Reviews

Every Toyota car must pass a CARFAX Vehicle History Report review to qualify for certification. The test includes an assessment of vital information, like service records, number of owners, vehicle use, accident history, flood damage history, and important title information.

3. Toyota Certified Warranty

Every new car comes with a warranty period for repairs on any malfunctions. Customers are usually skeptical of buying a used car given that its age has surpassed the warranty period. One of the benefits of buying a Toyota certified pre-owned car is the extended warranty period. Those certified by authorized Toyota dealerships are backed by a 12-month, 12,000 miles limited warranty and an inclusive roadside assistance guarantee.

4. Financial Benefits Of Buying A Toyota Certified Pre-Owned

Qualified customers can avail special Toyota financing rates in addition to special offers. Customers are also welcome to trade-in their used cars for substantial discounts on their new purchase. Toyota cars are known to have the best re-sale values and better returns on your investment. 

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Source: Toyota