Toyota Military Rebate

As a brand that is constantly looking for ways to serve its customers better, Toyota offers a military rebate for all the eligible US military personnel as well as their eligible family members. 

According to Toyota, this is their way of giving something back for all the sacrifices that those who protect our country make. In other words, it is a “thank you” from the automaker to US military personnel as well as their family members. 

A special discount of $500 is given to eligible military personnel or eligible family members on their vehicle purchase. These are the people who can take advantage of this special offer.

Active Duty 
This includes all those who are currently on active duty in any branch of the US military, including the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Marines, National Guard, and active Reserve. 

Inactive Reserve 
This includes the US Military Inactive Reserve, which is part of the Selected Reserve, Individual Ready Reserve, or Inactive National Guard. 

Honorably Discharged Veteran
This includes any US Military veteran that has been honorably discharged within the last two years. 

Military Retiree
Any retiree of the military, regardless of their date of retirement, falls under this category. 

Household Member
This refers to all family members that live in the same household as military personnel. 

Gold Star Family Member 
This includes family members of a fallen military hero. 

How Can you Qualify for the Toyota Military Rebate? 
To avail the Toyota Military Rebate, you will have to provide verifiable proof of military status, evidence of active service, or validation for inactive reserve at the time of purchase of the vehicle. These may include

A military ID card, or
Leave and earning statement, or
DD Form 214, Discharge from Active Duty or Certificate of Release 

You must also receive a specified qualifying salary to qualify for the special $500 discount on your Toyota vehicle purchase. Lastly, you need to receive credit approval by Toyota Financial Services through a certified Toyota dealer. 

The Toyota Military Rebate is available on all new as well as untitled Toyota vehicles at all Toyota dealers near New Bern, Havelock, and Richlands. We at Stevenson-Hendrick Toyota in Jacksonville, NC, are one of them, so contact us for more information.