Toyota Remote Start

Enjoy the benefits of remote start offered on Toyota models in New Bern, Havelock, and Richlands.

Toyota vehicles are equipped with a unique remote start system that enables you to start and stop your vehicle’s engine through the Smart Key fob of your vehicle. Using this, you can also activate different systems inside your Toyota, including the air conditioner, defroster, and heater. A factory-fitted T-Harness system with factory-furnished connectors is also available, built especially for Toyota vehicles, keeping in mind the convenience of those driving it.

Remote start on Toyota vehicles is only offered for those already with the integration of a Smart Key system as well as those operating on automatic transmissions. Variants that do not already have an alarm system will need an additional hood switch for the activation of Remote Start. 

Remote start is compatible with ADS-THR-TL5 system on the following Toyota models:

  • 2010 and newer Camry models
  • 2010 and newer Venza models 
  • 2011 and newer Highlander models
  • 2011 and newer Yaris models
  • 2011 and newer RAV4 models
  • 2011 and newer Sequoia models
  • 2011 and newer Tundra models
  • 2011 and newer Sienna models
  • 2012 and newer Corolla models
  • 2012 and newer Matrix models
  • 2012 and newer Prius models
  • 2016 and newer Tacoma models

System features included in the Toyota remote start system are remote start feature, factory fit installation with a T-Harness system specifically designed for Toyota cars, 3X lock start with an OEM remote, keyless entry, and a limited lifetime system. The feature works with all Compustar remotes, but a 2-way remote is essential to get instant confirmation of the vehicle’s remote start. Remotes compatible with Toyota’s remote start include:


  • PRO G15 (1 way)
  • PRO G15 (2 way)
  • PRO R3 (1 way)
  • PRO R3 (2 way)
  • PRIME 901 


  • PRIME G6
  • PRIME G15 (1 way)
  • PRIME G15 (2 way)
  • PRIME R3 (1BAM)
  • PRIME R3 (2 way)
  • DroneMobile (LTE)

Toyota engines will switch off after 10 minutes of idling. You will be able to use the remote engine start for another 10 minutes. However, if the engine is left idling for 20 minutes, it’ll turn off again and require manual starting. Although Toyota’s remote engine start can be operated in an open space from 80 feet away, barriers like trees, hills, or buildings can impact the range.  

Source: Toyota