What is the Difference Between Winter Tires vs All Season Tires?

Owning your own vehicle comes with some difficult choices. However, these pay off rewards in due time, and you’ll be glad you made them. One such option is the kind of tire to install to your vehicle. 

The tire you pick will determine your comfort and safety on the roads. You should ideally get your car installed with tired that will enable quick braking and provide a solid grip on the ground, despite bad weather. 

Winter tires are designed especially for the colder season or areas characterized by a chilly climate. All-season tires, on the other hand, provide drivers with safety and security all through the year. 

How To Know Which To Pick

The tire you pick for your car will depend on your requirements from the vehicle and how you apply it. Car manufacturers usually have their cars fitted with all-season tires as these provide a quiet ride, good road life, and dependable performance all year round. 

These tires can be incredibly versatile and can run comfortably in a variety of weather conditions – be it light snow, rain or sleet. In conclusion, all-season tires combine the basic specifications of both summer and winter tires. 

Winter tires are what you need to drive safely and well through unpredictable winter roads. Winter tires are designed primarily for use in winter conditions with biting edges, increased tread depth, and flexible tread rubber. 

If you live in a place with a moderate climate, all-season tires are your best bet. However, if the neighborhood you live in is prone to extended periods of winter and wintry road conditions, you should invest in a set of winter wheels. Doing so could even save your life. Winter roads can be dangerous to drive on, and if you don’t have the right wheels for it, you could be gambling away your life. 

Keep Your Tires In Mint Condition

If you’ve made your decision, and know which tire to select for your vehicle, come down to Stevenson-Hendrick Toyota in Jacksonville, NC. We provide all car peripherals and accessories to residents of New Bern, Havelock, and Richlands too. Feel free to explore amongst a wide range of winter or all-season tires from our dealership. 

Source: Toyota