Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions about Oil Changes

Oil changes are just as crucial to a car’s maintenance as is an engine-check up or an examination of your brakes. If you want your car to function optimally for a long time, you need to keep getting its engine oil changed periodically. You will also want to change your engine oil filter. Dust and grime can accumulate on your car’s engine parts if you do not change your engine oil routinely. These can damage your car’s engine parts and accessories and affect how your car’s engine performs. You can refer to your car’s engine oil change alert system or the manufacturer’s user guide made available during your car purchase as a measure to know when to take your car for an oil change. Below we discuss three commonly asked questions regarding car oil changes.

1. Can oil change improve gas mileage?

One of the frequently asked questions about car engine oil changes is whether changing your car’s engine oil can improve your car’s gas mileage. The answer is yes, it can. When oil moves through your car’s engine, it picks up dirt and water along the way, rendering it less efficient. When fresh oil moves through your engine, your engine parts become lubricated. The result is better gas mileage as your engine now runs more smoothly with lesser work and a lesser requirement for gas mileage.

2. Why Oil Change is Important?

If you do not change your engine oil routinely, your engine could suffer a build-up of dirt and gunk. You’d either have to spend handsomely on expensive engine cleanings or even be forced to change entire engine parts as they may start malfunctioning. Clean engine oil prevents this from occurring and also keeps your engine in good health.

3. Will Oil Change Improve Performance?

The answer to this question is also yes. Old and sludgy oil loses lubricity and forces your engine to work much harder. Your car’s engine heats up and functions less efficiently. So, not only does old engine oil reduces your engine performance, affecting horsepower ability and mileage. It also markedly decreases your car engine’s lifetime.

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Source: Toyota