How To Add Toyota Scout® GPS To Entune

If you are the kind of person who frequently travels on the road less traveled and likes to make your own way, then the one thing that you require is the Toyota Scout GPS, a brilliant Toyota navigation app that is light years ahead in the field of navigation. It has a fairly easy way to be installed, and by reading the instructions provided below, anyone can effectively add the Toyota Scout GPS to Entune.

Step-By-Step Process

The first step is to actually download the Toyota Entune app that can be easily found on the Google play store or the Apple iTunes store. If it the first time you are downloading Entune, then simply follow the instructions provided to you in order to successfully install the app.

Next, connect your smartphone to Toyota Entune via Bluetooth. If this is your first time doing so, then follow all the instructions, and you should be connected in no time.

Download the Scout GPS link on your device. If it is your first time, you must create a username and password, and it is highly recommended that you choose something you will not forget.

If you have successfully managed the preceding steps then you will be presented with a prompt on your device stating that you must update the Toyota Entune system. Follow this step, and you will be connected.

Open the Scout navigation on the Toyota Entune system and input the destination you wish to travel to and begin using the GPS.

For a much better and richer GPS experience, you can connect the device and your system by means of a USB cable, which enhances the quality and content of your GPS screen, and makes all obstacles and pathways dynamic.

If you have followed the steps correctly then you should have had the Toyota Scout GPS running by now. The thing to remember is that it works through the Toyota Entune system, and so installing it is mandatory in order to enjoy the Toyota Scout GPS. If you face any problems while installing, simply start all over without trying to troubleshoot your way through it as it will be faster to start over.

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Source: Toyota