All You Need to Know About the Toyota Entune App

Own a Toyota vehicle or wish to own one in the future? Maybe you’re researching Toyota vehicles currently, to help you finalize your car purchase decision? You will want to learn about Toyota’s Entune app then. The Toyota Entune app suite is the vehicle manufacturing brand’s smart connectivity app suite intended to help connect its cars with other smart multimedia devices. We will be discussing all you need to know about the Toyota Entune app below.

Enjoy Seamless Phone-Car Connectivity

The Toyota Entune app suite contains a bunch of popular apps and data services that are compatible with Toyota vehicles manufactured after 2012. Every Toyota vehicle produced post-2012 comes installed with the Toyota Entune app at no extra cost. Simply connect your phone to the car via Bluetooth, and then you can use voice commands to operate your Toyota Entune app suite services. Of course, this is also viable for Toyota vehicles with voice recognition ability. 

Entune Destination Search and Other Facilities

If your Toyota car begins to give you trouble on the roads, you can utilize your Toyota Entune’s Destination Search to guide you with directions to the nearest Toyota dealership. The Destination Search facility allows you to search for more than 20 million addresses and then provides navigation directions for the same. All you will need to use this facility for your Toyota vehicle is a registered Toyota Entune app account and your Internet-abled phone connected to the vehicle.

You can also use iHeart Radio or Slacker Radio services to listen to your favorite genre of music or musical artists. Similarly, you can custom create your own playlists to sing along to on long drives. 

The Toyota Entune App Suite provides Yelp connectivity too. Now looking for a shop, restaurant or pub nearby is all that much easier. Simply visit Yelp, read customer reviews, and choose the shop, restaurant, or pub of your choice.

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